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A new and innovative engagement tool, that uses digital passes in Wallet

Enables a new communication channel via push notifications

Relieves you from the burden of developing a loyalty app from scratch

Comes with an easy to use CRM tool

BrandWallet works on the cloud, no initial investment needed

Works both on iPhone and Android *

iPhones come with Wallet preinstalled. You need to download a wallet app for Android phones for once

BrandWallet recommends WalletPasses for Android

Your Customer Your Data

BrandWallet does not use your data for other clients. Data is completely yours!

Easy to collect, keep and process your data.

Either you can segment your customers based on their gender or congratulate their birthdays so easily through our dashboard via lock screen push notifications.

With BrandWallet enrollment, you get GDPR approvals from your customers

BrandWallet works on servers with GDPR compliance

No More Physical Plastic Loyalty Cards

Through BrandWallet platform you can create mobile cards, coupons, gift cards, promotions, membership cards, boarding passes and much more acording to your business.

In other words, BrandWallet your digital marketing partner helps your business; to increase your customer loyalty digitally.

If you are a BrandWallet member, you don’t need physical cards for your brand’s loyalty any more. With your “BrandWallet Digital Card”, you can easily be in your customer’s Mobile Wallet.

Stop spending money for printing and distributing physical cards, go digital and save now!

What is more, through BrandWallet you can send push notifications to your customer without any extra fee.

Easy To Use CRM Ready!

Keep track of your customers, segment them, get insights on their actions. Send notifications texts, update your passes and download your data; over an easy to use CRM panel, that runs on your browser.

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